Marine Repairs

by Townside Automotive

Our radiator shop has 80 years of combined experience in repairs to all types of marine cooling systems. Our knowledge assists us in diagnosing over heating problems. Our in house repair facility can clean and test any size of marine hydraulic oil cooler, after cooler or heat-exchanger for any type of pleasure craft or ship. It’s very important to remember that anything that’s in a salt water environment needs to have the zincs replaced regularly. All cooling systems exchangers should be removed for cleaning and testing every 3 to 5 years. The marine cooling systems in a boat are not like a car radiator that uses the air going though it to cool the antifreeze. The heat-exchanger uses salt water (from the ocean) to cool the antifreeze. The salt water has particulates in it so you need a seawater strainer to filter the sea water. Not filtering the seawater may plug up the heat exchanger passageways causing, the engine to overheat. This is why regular maintenance is so important….