Our Services

  • Radiator – repair or rebuild any size of radiator
  • Cooling system – diagnostics, flushing, pressure testing, thermostats, hoses, heater coresservices_sm
  • Marine Repairs – heat exchangers, oil cooler, keel coolers, fuel tanks
  • Air conditioning – recharging and service
  • New compressors – make new hoses, condensers and evaporators
  • Mechanical – Preventative Maintenance
  • Diagnostics – scanning and reading codes
  • Tune Ups – including spark plugs, air filters, and fuel filter
  • Electrical – check charging system, test battery condition
  • Oil Service – changing oil, replacing oil filters and 25 point safety inspection
  • Lubrication – greasing all the important moving parts in your vehicle including front suspension
  • Complete brake service – diagnosing ABS problems, replacing worn brake pads, calipers, or machining warped rotors
  • Transmission Service – changing transmission fluids and filters
  • Exhaust – quotes and repairs, mufflers, catalytic converters, tail pipes, hangers, muffler life time warranty
  • Drive line – clutches, drive axles, differentials
  • Inspections – Safety and pre-purchase.

We Have One Of The Largest New Radiator and Heater Stock On Hand.

Call us – we are Air Conditioning Specialists

  • Hours Of Operation

    Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Early bird and night owl drop box service available.

  • Townside Automotive
    Complete mechanical services in Victoria BC. Radiator and heater repairs for car and large trucks, Marine Repairs, heat exchangers, oil cooler, keel, coolers, fuel tanks and Air conditioning recharging and repairs. Approved for all used warranty work.
    640 Hillside Avenue Victoria
    Victoria, BC
    V8T 4R9
    Phone: 250-381-2421
    Fax: 250-381-2431